Blavod Black Vodka

Distilled in the United Kingdom, Blavod is currently the only manufacturer with a black vodka on the market. Described as having a dark green to visibly black hue, the vodka derives its color from Black Catechu, a dark resin extracted from theacacia tree.

Blavod Black Vodka is marketed as an alternative to traditional clear, and more recently popular, flavored vodkas. Layering of the spirit produces stunning visual effects, offering effortless style and sophistication. Blavod, however, has caused quite a “stir” in the vodka industry since its release. In order for an American domestic spirit to be considered vodka, it must be clear in color and free of scent. Blavod clearly does not meet this standard, but since it is manufactured outside of the United States, is able to market itself internationally as ’colored’ vodka.

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